• Standard ATD 131-001

The Parachute Dummy (Torso Dummy) was developed to tests parachutes and harnesses.

  • The Parachute Dummy (Torso Dummy) has evolved into its present form primarily on the basis of continued use by United States Government parachute test groups.
  • The present version is the most rugged dummy ever developed - it is capable of withstanding repeated free falls with minimal or no damage.
Key Features
  • The Parachute dummy represents a 95th percentile 6 foot 1 inch tall male.
  • The weight is 188 lbs allowing for 23 lbs instrumentation to achieve 211 lbs the normal weight of a young male of this stature.
  • The configuration is a torso with stub legs and kick plate to allow parachute harness engagement.
  • The stub arms and neck are represented by machined brass caps.
  • The Torso is rugged white vinyl, over a steel skeleton, allowing ground camera tracking.
  • The Torso has an internal instrumentation cavity and internal battery cavity with internal wiring connections.
  • Instrumentation may include telemetry, angular and linear accelerometers at the discretion of the testing range.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 305.0 x 381.0 x 813.0 mm 12.0 x 15.0 x 32.0 in

Parachute and harness testing.

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