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With 800 employees working out of 13 markets and 21 facilities, ours is one of the deepest brain trusts of vehicle safety.

We partner with every major OEM and have deep connections with the best academic biomechanical engineering departments across the world. So, welcome to our conversations about the latest news, industry development and engineering innovation in the market.

Woman in Car

It's Time to Bring Equity to Injury Risk

Despite the work done in the industry, women, elderly and overweight people are at significantly more risk of injury than men. It's time to bring equity to injury risk.
Autonomous Vehicle Interior

Autonomous Vehicle Occupant Safety

Occupant safety in AVs could be more at risk than ever. We have been working to develop crash test dummies designed to assess occupant safety in autonomous vehicles.

To Infinity and Beyond

Humanetics has worked with every space program since Apollo 11. Recently our dummy was the first female to hitch a ride on Space X.
Brain Injury

Innovation Bites: Brain Injury

We have made massive progress in reducing horrific head and brain injuries since the introduction of mandatory seat belts, but these types of injury remain a key factor of all safety design, especially in military and aviation safety design.  
Elderly Couple Driving

Making the Most Vulnerable Safer

With 20% of the population over 65 years and 75% technically classed as "overweight", we work hard to ensure everyones safety needs are met.
Salmon in River

The Story of the Crash Test Fish

A chance visit to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory led to the development of a crash test fish that could save millions of lives...