Our management team lead the industry

They are some of the world's leading experts on vehicle safety and biomechanical engineering. They have a passion to lead their teams to develop the best devices, service the needs of our incredible customers worldwide and ensure that people are safe every time they get into a car.


Chris O'Connor

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chris is the global leader of the Humanetics Group and is one the industry's recognized experts on vehicle and occupant safety. He is a retired Colonel in the US Army Reserves and a board member of several fast growth engineering businesses. He can often be found calculating velocity and winds speeds on the golf course, or tuning the torque on one of his engines.

Michael Jarouche

Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing

Michael is responsible for Humanetics' global sales, business development and customer service initiatives. As a recognized safety expert he is well known for contributing his knowledge of engineering and technology innovation to the safety community at DaimlerChrysler, Nissan, Lear and other global organizations. When he's not traveling the world, you will find him on the golf course or enjoying time with his wife and 3 sons.

Janis Major

Human Resource Director

Janis leads the Human Resource function for the Humanetics Group and represents the needs of our 800 employees across 13 markets. Her experience working with both mature and startup companies helps to shape her guidance for all aspects of the human resource function. The best part of her day is to spend time with family and finding ways to give back to the community.

James Habel, CPA, CTP

Chief Financial Officer

James manages all of the Global Finance, IT, and Legal functions at the Humanetics Group helping ensure long term investments are in place to drive results. He has led global Finance activities including significant M&A at Ford, Visteon, ZF, and the PKC Group. At home James is chief entertainment officer for his family with regular movies, swimming and fishing events. 

Bachar Aljundi

Managing Director, CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Products 

Bachar is one of the leading experts in CAE software, a pioneer of software virtual simulations to help advance vehicle safety and design. He has built and led the CAE team at Humanetics CAE for over 10 years. When he's not engineering, you can catch him (if you can) biking, hiking or traveling to discover new places. 

Jack Jenson

Vice President Engineering

As vice president of Engineering and Program Management, Jack is responsible for product engineering at Humanetics. He was previously employed at General Motors, and has spent more than 30 years in automotive safety engineering. Jack and his wife are mixed doubles tennis partners - off the court, they have 4 young adult children and Jack enjoys traveling, history and walking their dog.

Bryan Brown

Director of Corporate Development

Bryan leads the corporate development for Humanetics identifying acquisitions and their merger into the Humanetics Group. Coming from the corporate finance world, he is a rare numbers person that likes to write. He likes nothing more than to spend his time with his family in northern Michigan.

Mike Van Horn

Vice President of Operations

Mike is in charge of managing the operations, manufacturing and delivery of Humanetics' test devices to our clients. He has extensive automotive and manufacturing experience in quality, manufacturing and R&D teams. When not operating our global business he decompresses with his family and friends hunting, fishing and boating.


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